About Us

English Coaching in Udaipur

Dreamt in 2004 to be a good Speaker of English language and to overcome all obstacles in his Career because of English Communication DEEPESH S. JAIN realized that it’s not only his problem but its problem of every Common man and then in 2006 after learning and proper training he started teaching. Now it has become more than 13 Year.

We have been benefiting and Satisfying people in overcoming their problems regarding English communication. Here we teach every student from very basic. As the Most important thing is proper knowledge of grammar and later on while Speaking or Writing use this knowledge in proper way, and Here we do this only and for building up confidence we held So many activities like Stage presentation, Group Discussion, Debates, Extempore, Mock Interview Sessions and etc.

During the journey of 13 year DEEPESH S. JAIN has trained Several Organization and benefited them like in the year 2011 he was hired for training INDIAN ARMY for their International Competition preparation. In 2014 he trained again INDIAN ARMY. Later on he was hired by SUNRISE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING for uplifting Communication Skills of Engineering Students. During this period Schools like M.K.JAIN School and GURU NANAK School also got benefit of his services. Later on Deepesh S. Jain was hired by HRH GROUP of Hotels for enhancing Communication skills of their Staff members.

The journey is going on. So many Students after getting training by him became able to face and clear interview in Multi National Companies and are Working in Foreign countries and as well as in Indian companies. So if your dream is to fly high in your career with English Communication so ENGLISH KRANTI is the Best platform for you to make your dream come true. Thanks and Good Wishes for Future.

Why Learn English at English Kranti ?

With technology making the world a smaller place, English has emerged as the official language of the planet and modern-day economy. Recognised as the major global language, English allows people to communicate, collaborate, create and transcend beyond boundaries. Whether it is an interview or a business meeting, fluency in English is the ticket towards achieving one’s dreams.

  • We at English Kranti teach you How to learn English quickly.
  • We teach you Good Communication Skills in our Spoken English course.
  • Our Director Mr Deepesh Jain strongly believe that Good Communication Skills are the Key to Any Success.
  • Help student to develop a natural and accurate style of English pronunciation.
  • Improve your ability to understand and use vocabulary and expressions common to everyday life through a Basic English course.
  • Improve your ability to express ideas clearly and confidently in English.
  • Help you understand key aspects of English grammar, structures and rules.
  • Communicate much more confidently.
  • Speak more accurately and fluently.
  • Improve your grammar.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Be able to socialize in English more effectively.
  • Be able to get, and succeed in, a job which needs English.